Upcoming Community Information Meeting

December 13, 2018


Join us on December 13th, 2018 at 7:00pm for a Community Information Meeting at the Lewisburg Community Center.  Come hear our vision for Lost Railroad Brewhaus, meet the founders, and meet the brewer.  Get your free tickets here so we know how many to expect.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Wunderfund Campaign Launch

September 28, 2018


August 8, 2019


Our Wunderfund equity crowdfunding campaign launched today!  We are looking for investors to join us in our venture!  Please visit our campaign page to learn more.

Campaign is now closed.


A Day of Meetings

September 26, 2018


Today, we had a meeting with Ben Thaeler from Ohio Representative Davidson's office.  This meeting was to discuss Ohio programs that may benefit us at Lost Railroad.

We also had an initial design meeting with The Simmons Group, the architect we have chosen to build our building.


Architect Selected

September 24, 2108


We have selected The Simmons Group for our engineering services and signed a contract with them today.


Brewing Equipment Quotes

March 20, 2018


We have selected American Beer Equipment (ABE) as our brewing equipment supplier.  Today, we received a quote for our 10 barrel brewhouse, fermentation tanks, and other associated equipment.  We're looking forward to working with ABE!


Land Transfer and Crowdfunding

May 16, 2018


The 7.7 acres of land that was purchased as the future site of the brewery and taproom has been officially transferred into Big Belly Building LLC.  Also today, a contract was signed with Wunderfund, who will be managing our upcoming equity crowdfunding campaign. 


Land Environmental Study

September 26, 2017


The required environmental study on our land was completed today.  We are good to go!


Zoning Completed

February 27, 2017


The Preble County Commission approved the annexation of our land into the Village of Lewisburg, and the land has been rezoned to Industrial.  The Village of Lewisburg covered the cost of the rezoning and annexation, and will also be providing water and sewer connections at no extra charge.  Thank you Lewisburg!


We Have Land!

January, 2017


We have selected Lewisburg, OH as the future site for Lost Railroad Brewhaus!  Over seven acres of land has been purchased near the intersection of W. Clay St. and Lewisburg Western Rd.


Limited Liability Corporations Formed

February 13, 2015


Today, Big Belly Building, LLC and Big Belly Brewing, LLC were formed.  Big Belly Building will own the building that will house the brewery and taproom, as well as the land.  Big Belly Brewing will be doing business as Lost Railroad Brewhaus, and will be responsible for all beer production and sales.